You may be visiting our Christian Counseling site because you are looking for information or are curious about what we do. Whether you are interested in counseling for yourself, marriage, family or a friend in need, we have you covered. It is quite common for people ask: "How do I know if I need help?" "Can counseling help me feel better?" "What is Christian counseling?"  "Should I just trust God to help me?" "Where do I begin?" Our answers to these and other questions will make this important and potentially life changing decision easier. Whatever the reason(s) for visiting us and questions you may have about becoming the person you and God desire, we have something for you!

The Center for Christian Counseling & Relationship Development (CCCRD), was founded in 1983 by Frank Mancuso, Ph.D. We are a privately owned and operated, nondenominational organization offering counseling and consulting services, educational seminars, Newsletters and other writings, and eCourses (slated for 2015). Our diverse services are offered to individuals, couples, families, churches, schools, and businesses. Our Christian counseling staff is devoted to Jesus Christ, trained in the Bible and human science disciplines, and comes from different educational and spiritual backgrounds, enabling us to develop and offer more comprehensive counseling and educational services.

Our many clinical, consulting, and educational services are offered to Christians and non-Christians alike. We respect people's right to choose and live out their own beliefs, meaning we accept people where they are without preconceived expectations. At CCCRD, we have a strong commitment and desire to support pastors and to help in the growth of local churches as it relates to human relations and conflict management.

Our counseling staff sincerely desires and fervently prays that God may lead you to invite us to join you on your journey toward growth and healing in Jesus Christ. Thank you for considering partnering with us.

The Staff

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